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2000 Years Eugene Naumenko
Eugene Naumenko
2000 Years
Modern Classical, Space, Post-Rock
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Artist: Евгений Науменко
Album: 2000 лет
Label: USC
Catalog number: USC-WR-1410.0225
Release Year: 2014

Space inspires. So our hero, inspired by long trips of predecessors, flies into the unknown. This is a flight to see the beauty of space with own eyes, to get closer to stellar nurseries - nebulae, and to lonely white dwarfs, who have lived their wild youth, attaining their age in quiet fade. An encounter with an asteroid, ploughing vasts of the giant Universe from times immemorial, leads to the idea of solitude. Tired wanderer lands his ship on it. In this tiny world natural treasures are so plentiful, and reigning rest and silence are so fascinating, that our hero can linger here, away from any human vices and anguish, for two thousand years - even forever.

01.Выход (Extravehicular Activity) (2:44)
02.Гравитация (Gravitation) (3:51)
03.2000 лет (2000 Years) (2:47)
04.Спутник (Sputnik) (3:13)
05.Моя вселенная (My Universe) (2:13)
06.Мотылёк (Moth) (0:37)
07.Я не вернусь (I Shan't Return) (3:14)
08.Навсегда (Evermore) (2:55)
09.Эпилог (Epilogue) (1:43)

Keyboards, synthesizers, piano, programmed, written and arranged by Eugene Naumenko.
Guitar by Vadim Tsvetkov (track 1) and Victor «Diag» Karasev (track 3).
Painting and artwork by Arseniy Semakin.

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Posted by USC on 11 October 2014
Tags: space, post_rock, modern classical, eugene naumenko, atmospheric, ambient